Meet The Team

Our staff boasts players with high level college and professional experience as well as individuals with an eye to critique the game and assess players accurately.  We help you develop a plan and reach YOUR goals as a team or individually.  We know what college coaches are looking for, our job is to help you become the type of player that is sought after.  


Esian Henderson: Founder, Camp Director

Coaching: MoKan Elite 17U EYBL (assistant coach, 2017), USA Basketball Gold Licensed Coach, NCAA Certified Coach/Volunteer 

Playing Experience: 2009 NCAA Div II Final Four with The University of Central Missouri.  

10 years professional experience in Europe.  Competed in both Europe and The Middle East including Greece, Italy and Turkey.



Jeremy Esry: Head Coach at North Central Missouri College. USA Basketball Gold Licensed Coach, NCAA Certified Coach/Volunteer 

Coach Esry has had a winning season every year since he took over as head coach at NCMC. Coach Esry is a basketball purest who loves the game and believes in it’s potential to change lives. He has over 10 years experience coaching and working camps all over the country. In 2017 Coach Esry worked as Head Coach of MoKan Elite’s 16U EYBL boys team.