Recruiting 101: Looking For a Next Level Recruit

Recruiting 101

Chuck Love

Assistant Coach, University of Nebraska

About Coach Love: Chuck was a very talented player who made the transition to coaching.  He has the rare ability to play the game at a high level and all teach the game at a high level.  Coach and the rest of the staff at Nebraska have shown throughout their years the unique ability to develop talent.  That's what makes a program successful, think San Antonio Spurs, Coach Pop is great at developing talent.  Today Coach Love is talking with Inspire about filling the void in their team through recruiting.  He gives us insight on how the recruitment process works from a practical standpoint. 

Inspire:  Coach, this is your first year at the University of Nebraska.  It's imperative that you build the program with your own players through the recruiting process.  You are looking for players that can impact your program right away.  How do you define a next level recruit?

Coach Love: The way I define a recruit as a next level player is if he/she plays hard consistently and fits our system. If we are recruiting a guard, we like all guards to be able to shoot the ball at a high level (40% or higher from the 3) and make great basketball decisions (low turnovers). When recruiting post players, we like more of a stretch post that can stretch defenses. That fits our style. We notice post players feet. Are they light on their feet? Do they have good hands? We can teach the rest.

Q&A session with Nebraska Women's Basketball Coaching Staff & Big Red Fans

Q&A session with Nebraska Women's Basketball Coaching Staff & Big Red Fans

Inspire: I don't know how many people realize the work coaches at your level put in behind the scenes.  I spoke to you this week and you traveled from Nebraska to Texas, back to Nebraska and then to Michigan all in one week to play games & recruit.  How often do you travel to recruit players during the season?  

Coach Love: We have a day off every week from practice and games in which we recruit during the season. During the summer there are a lot of tournaments that we can attend in July. That is our heavy recruiting month. We have 112 days yearly to recruit, per NCAA rules, so we split that between 4 different coaches.  Each week a different coach leaves his or her family to follow prospects from around the country. We have to be organized and game plan the way we attack recruiting. We start recruiting kids early, maybe starting their 7th – 8th grade year. 

We start recruiting kids early, maybe starting their 7th – 8th grade year.

Inspire: We know you're looking for players that can dribble, pass and shoot. But what intangibles must a player possess in order for you to consider them a game changer?  What do you look for in a leadership position for your team?

Coach Love: We love kids that compete. They have to be able to interact well on and off the court with their teammates. During the recruiting process we make sure she fits our culture. Great culture wins championships.

Inside the Huskers practice!

Inside the Huskers practice!

Inspire: Lastly, I know you weren't heavily recruited out of high school but the talent was there.  If you could go back to your 15 year old self what advice would you give yourself?

Coach Love: The advice I would give the 15year old Chuck Love would be to stay consistent with practicing good habits. This goes towards the classroom and on the court. I did not take academics seriously in high school so therefore I had to take the junior college route. Nothing wrong going that route it’s just harder to get to the top schools from that level. You now are put into a box of being a “Juco Player”. Once you get to the junior college level you have to make sure that you are making drastic changes in the classroom and not taking lower level classes to stay eligible. We all have the CHOICE to make right decisions. Make the right choice NOW. 

- Inspire Basketball

Many parents and kids today want to be recruited but lack the skill set or the mindset that coaches are looking for.  It is a mindset that needs to be developed over a period of time.  Coaches are looking to make a long term investment, which doesn't come without an extensive background check.  Talent gets you looked at, but there are so many other components that ensure a recruit will be all that they can be!  Support system is key in building a complete student-athlete. 

Coach, thanks for your insight.  We hope to hear from you again very soon! Follow Coach Love and the Huskers on Twitter and Instagram:  

@huskerswbb @coachlove85

@huskerswbb @coachlove85

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