Staying Fit on Christmas Break

Coach Brandon Burgette (Johnson County Community College)

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About Coach Burgette: A seasoned coach who played and started his coaching career at Southwest Baptist University.  Known as a pure point guard when he played Brandon has seen and taught the game to everyone from high school to NBA players.  We hope Brandon is a regular at White Board Wednesday's because his love for the game is evident in his teaching, training, and even his photography. 

Winter break is always a refreshing time, college players haven't been home in months. College & high school coaches get to spend time with family and reflect on the first half of the season. As a player most use this time to reflect back on how the 1st half of the season went, some perfect their craft and some take some time off to get their body ready for the last half of the season. 


As a coach, I always look back on how well we did and what we can do to improve as a unit. It's not about how you start, it's how you finish. I'm a big believer on game film and game prep. As a coach, over break I always look back on how we did overall; what ways can we improve, how were we guarded, were we effective down the stretch, what plays work and what can we do to improve as a team? Individually, I always tell my players to watch film focusing on ways they can improve and how can they effect the game overall. The #1 thing a player worries about is ME, but the overall goal is about WE. What can you do to help US (your team) not ME? I think a lot of players get caught up in that aspect. The #1 thing players ask "how can I improve playing time" or "why am I not playing much?" My answer is "it's not what you're doing, it's what aren't you doing enough of!"  9 out of 10 players are thinking of ways to score instead of making the intangible plays (50/50 balls, defensive stops, rebounding, taking charges, making players around them better, being a good teammate) will earn you those minutes.

The #1 thing a player worries about is ME, but the overall goal is about WE. What can you do to help US (your team) not ME?


Since I'm back coaching college basketball, I have slowed down on a lot of training and focused more on working with my players at JCCC. During the break, I like to get players in the gym to work on different aspects of their game. I like to go see games around the area to watch players I have worked with, but also players that are playing in college that have come back home. I watch a lot of film on synergy (online video streaming service for coaches) and get those players in the gym. What most that train don't understand and look into reality of how they are guarded and how to set themselves up and get open when being guarded. I don't think players should focus too much on individual training or learning too many new things during the season, but more positional improvement training that becomes effective in the game. Whether it's a lot of reps, getting shots up in their sweet spots, or with different scenarios and situations depending on position; such as coming off down screens, flares, post feeds to relocate, pick and rolls, finishing in the paint or dribble pulls ups. These are great for training during the break to keep players sharp within the offense and being guarded as they head back to practice and prepare for games. 


When I was coaching at Indian Hills (Junior College, Iowa), I gained a lot of knowledge working with game film, considering I was technology savvy.  I have recently picked up photography and have opened my own business on the side to do photography and film. I began taking pictures of my 8 month old son but it grew into an addiction as I began taking sports pictures and even art and scenery. Check out some of my work.

Written by Brandon Burgette, JCCC